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Sunday, December 30, 2007

How to Make 2008 Your Fat Loss Year...

How were your holidays?

Mine went well. It's been fun to be home for a
little while to enjoy the company of my family and

Now I have to start getting ready for Philadelphia
where I'm heading for a conference on January 3rd.

(Don't tell anyone, but I'm really excited to run up
the Rocky stairs at the museum....I'm a HUGE Rocky
fan :) ).

My sister even got me a Rocky glass for Christmas.
Okay, enough Rocky for now. Let's talk about you and

I've been doing the 'internet thing' for about a year
and a half now and it's given me the opportunity to help
people reach their goals all over the world. It's been
a ton of fun.

I get emails all the time from subscribers asking
questions and it's always a pleasure answering them and
helping out. So if you ever have a question don't
hesitate to shoot me over an email.

What I want to do to help you start your New Year on
the right path is make you a list of some items I recommend
that everybody tries out.

This isn't just some crazy random list either. I'm only
going to recommend 3 things to you.

I've read and tried all of them with awesome success. That's
why I'm recommending them to you, because i think they will
help you too.

You DON'T HAVE to try them out if you don't want to. It's
just recommendations.

If you've been consistent with reaching your goals and have
certain ways you do things to achieve your success then keep
doing them.

If it's working, it's working.

If you've struggled with your goals before, though, it might
be worth at least checking it out and seeing if it'd be
something you'd be interested in.

I'm going to give you a couple New Year's fat loss tips
at the end of this email too.

This program changed my life by helping me focus on my
goals and reach almost all of them that I set.

I'm going to be using this program in a BIG way this year
as I have quite a few big goals that I'm going to be bustin'
my ass to achieve.

It's called The Magic Hundred by Dax Moy.

Dax is great guy and really inspirational and helpful. If
I was to recommend just one item to look into this year for
you it'd be this one.

Just click here if you're interested.

Now as for fat loss training I'm going to assume you've
heard of Turbulence Training before. If you haven't, you're
missing out on a program that has helped transform thousands
of people.

If you have heard of it and haven't tried it out yet....then
why not?

I won't go into a big blurb about it. It works, plus he's
holding a competition right now that if you buy his book
you can win a bunch of cash and other prizes.

So if you want to shed some of that holiday weight go here.

And finally for my list of success is my Degrees of Change
Audio Series
. It's monthly (usually bi-monthly) interviews
from the top people in the game of fat loss.

It will give you up to date fat loss info and some pretty
cool tips and strategies that you most likely won't learn
from your local 'personal trainer.

Plus it's still available at 1/2 price until I get back from
Philadelphia which is the 7th of January.

It's definitely affordable and it's got life changing
potential if you put the strategies into use.

So go here to take one final look before it goes back to
regular price.

Now I know that this probably sounds 'salesy' and looks like
I'm just selling you stuff, but it's really not.

Like i said, I've used them and actually created one of them
so I have personal experience with them and that's the only
reason I'd recommend them.

You don't even have to check them out if you don't want to.
It's your choice.

But anyways, here's a couple tips of my own to make your 2008
super successful.

Tip #1 - Think long term

Don't focus on major fat loss all in January and February.
There's a reason most new gym members stop showing up after
the third week of January.

Make it a goal to be consistent going to the gym this year
or getting your workouts in. Set a number for the year. If your
goal is 3 times a week that's 156 workouts this year. Focus on
reaching that number and you'll see consistent results, and
you'll notice that going to the gym isn't such a challenge
after doing it for a while.

Tip #2 - Find somebody to get involved with you

It's a lot more fun if you had a workout partner going after
the same goals you do. And by helping them out you'll notice
that you will start to lead by example and get even better
results yourself.

Become a team and get a positive support system. That's why
bootcamps are getting so popular. It gives people a great
team atmosphere and a great support system.

Bonus Tip #3 - PLAN, PLAN, PLAN

Schedule your days. The more I write in my calendar to
set my next day up the more productive and consistent I am.

This goes for workouts, meals, business calls, meetings,
training sessions, presentations, article submissions, etc.

Do your best to plan your meals and workouts at minimum and
you will be seeing great results in a short period of time.

Phew....I'm out of breath after all that :).

Happy New Year,

Dan Grant

PS - Sorry for the really LONG blog. You won't be hearing
from me until next Monday so I had to tell you a lot of
good stuff today :).

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

One Day UNANNOUNCED Sale Today ONLY! (Wednesday, December 26, 2007)

So here's the thing. It's Christmas night as I
write this. I just got home from all my family
events and it has been a great day. And I hope
yours was as well.

I couldn't help over hearing some of my family
members talk about getting up way before sunlight
tomorrow (today when you get this) to take advantage
of all the Boxing Day Sales.

If you're not from Canada, it's the biggest sales
event of the year.

It's exactly like the day after Thanksgiving in

I hate shopping and I'm even going to get up...not
like 5am like most...but like 8am to head out and see
what I can find.

So I pretty much just decided tonight that I should
hold a Boxing Day Sale. I mean, I am in Canada visiting,
so why not.

Plus, it will help you get ready for January which is only
a few days away now.

To conclude this blog post to you I am going to give you
everything on the page I'm about to send you to and you
will get the Inspire Series Audio Product when it's finished
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How's that for a sale? Oh ya....I discounted the price
too :).

You can head over now if you'd like or check it out later.
Just remember it's a one day thing though so at midnight EST
of the 26th everything goes back to normal and all offers
are off the table.

I hope your holidays are going well.

Talk to you soon,

Dan Grant

PS - I'm only offering this to my list and on this blog
so if you know somebody you think would like to take
advantage of this just send them over to here.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

5 tips to get you started this Christmas and New Years

First off, Merry Christmas!

Second, this will be the last blog post you
get until after Christmas.

My stay in Thunder Bay, ON has been a lot of
fun so far. I even got a surprise call one
afternoon to do a talk at a weight loss group
in town. I had a lot of fun with it and I think
the group of 50 or so enjoyed it was
pretty funny with my inability to pronounce the
word 'metabolism'. :)

Anyways, we all know New Years is coming and I
want you to reach all your fat loss goals this
year so I decided to make you a little list that
will help you start on the right track.

Tip #1

Fast and effective workouts

I explain it all here

Tip #2

My buddy Scott shows you a pretty awesome video
and gives you a workout plan...all free too.

Video link: Unstoppable Fat Loss

Workout Plan for guys: Fit Bastard

Workout Plan for women: Fit Chic

Tip #3

What if fat loss was a sport?

Tip #4

If you're looking at getting a personal trainer
this January then read this first

Tip #5
2 videos that could change your life

Paul teaches you to never give up on your

Team Hoyt literally just inspires the hell out
of you here

So there's some information and inspiration
overload for you to start your Christmas holidays.

I truly do wish you the best this Holiday Season and
I'd like to personally thank you for
being apart of my life. I hoped I have been able
to help you come closer to your goals this past year
and I really look forward to taking you to the next
level with your fat loss goals.

Again, I wish you a healthy and happy Holidays!

Dan Grant

PS - Since I won't be emailing you till later next
week I just wanted to remind you on the special 50%
off discount that I'm offering for my subscribers
only until New Year's Eve at 12 noon. If you're
interested check out the Degrees of Change Monthly
Audio Series

PPS - Sorry for the excessive links in this
would be really LONG though if I didn't have them :).

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

28 long hours....

Well, we made it.

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week but I do have a good reason.

Marleen and I were driving back home to Canada, which took a long time...

We got caught up in some of that nasty midwest winter weather on Saturday, which made for a little dicey driving and a lot longer of a trip, but we eventually did make it to our destination that night.

Then Sunday we made it home and I've been getting a lot of things organized and catching up with people since.

So in total it came out to 28 hours of driving and not so much sleep.

I will be updating the blog throughout the holidays though so make sure you're checking it out frequently.

Have a great day,

Dan Grant

PS - I forgot to put the link for the special holiday Mp3 offer in the last post so here it'll love it (

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Yes You Can"

I don't really know what to say about this video other than be happy, live life the way you want to, and go after your dreams with everything you've got.

This is a video of Team Hoyt. Dick and Rick Hoyt compete in ironman races, marathons, road races, etc.

But as you'll see, there's something very special about these two.

The video is 6 minutes long...potentially 6 minutes that can change the way you live your life and go after your dreams, forever.

Have a great day,

Dan Grant

PS - As a request I will be offering the inspire interview series for free still when you sign up for the Degrees of Change Audio Series. You will get the ENTIRE Inspire Package when it's completed at no charge by going and signing up here. I am currently working on doing an interview with Dick and Rick. I really hope I can get one. Have a great day again :).

Monday, December 10, 2007

Stocking Stuffers and a Fat Loss Tip

Christmas was always one of my favorite holidays
when I was growing up. I mean not only did I get
2 weeks off of school, but I got gifts too :).

I also really enjoyed the Christmas services at
the church where my Grandpa was (and still is) the
Pastor. Every one was so happy. I always remember
thinking about if they are really happy or they are
'supposed' to be happy because it's Christmas. But I
think that should be another topic for another day.

Christmas morning always included my brother running
in my room and jumping on me at like 7am because he
couldn't wait any longer (he'd probably been up for
a couple hours already). So me, my brother, and my
sister would all gather in one of our rooms and we'd
wait for the 'OK' from our parents to see if Santa
came. My brother already knew though because
he'd snuck in the living room to count out his gifts.

First thing we'd do is look in our stockings and Santa
would never forget to add a mandarin orange and some

My girlfriend and I were at lunch last week and we
started talking about healthy stocking stuffer ideas.

A lot of it is usually chocolate or candy of some sort.
So we started coming up with ideas for some healthy
stocking stuffers that anyone could benefit from.

So if you're looking for ideas, I hope these help.

Obviously fruit, but that's boring.

It doesn't have to be food either, of course.

You can toss in jumping ropes or exercise books.

A monthly gym membership or a gift certificate from
a fitness store so they can grab a couple dumbbells
and do some inhome training.

You can also give them a healthy supplement that
everybody should have in their nutrition anyways.

The supplements I personally use can be found here.

My clients absolutely love the VGF and EFA Icon combo
that they offer. One is a whole food multi vitamin and
the other is krill oil. Great stuff.

So if you're still stuck and need some ideas maybe that's
a good one for you. The company I use is called Prograde

Now here's your fat loss tip of the day, are you ready?

Eat more veggies!

'Dan, what kind of tip is that? We all know that!'

I know you do but do you actually eat enough. A study
showed that just by adding more vegetables to your diet
led to greater fat loss. So that means even if you don't
change a thing, eating more veggies will bring along some
fat loss. I thought it was cool, but if you're really
disappointed in that tip I'll give you another one, ok?


Here's a good reminder for you during the holiday season.
With all the eggnog, alcohol, and holiday drinks this time
of year I'm not going to tell you not enjoy some of them
just don't do it all the time.

Here's what i mean. If you have a party that night and
there are going to be some holiday drinks offered, then drink
water all day and try to only enjoy a couple drinks...
there's a lot of calories in them and they add up quick.

Don't do it every night either...sorry...but if you really
want to at least maintain your weight over the holidays
then be careful.

I hope that tip went over a little better then the last
one :).

Enjoy your day,

Dan Grant

PS - My new book is out and there's some pretty cool
bonuses available right now. There's a lot of holiday
gift potential in it. They'll all be available for
a couple weeks at

Friday, December 7, 2007

Am I really a fat loss expert?

Last night I did an incredible interview with
Men's Health Advisor Alan Aragon. His interview
is going to be released January 2nd to people on
the Degrees of Change Monthly Audio Series.

I was SHOCKED at this guys knowledge on nutrition
and how simple he made it to understand. This guy
is so good and picking apart research studies he
can tell you if the study is legitimate or the
study is giving away not-so-right advice from the
tiniest of information he can see.

He admitted during the call that it's one of the
only things he's good at :).

When we were talking, I started to think about
experts. In specific, fat loss experts. Alan has
helped hundreds of people shed fat, but some of his
techniques aren't the same as mine. They aren't the
same as Craig Ballantyne's. They aren't the same as
Mike Geary's.

You may not recognize those name's but they are big
names in the fat loss world.

There is one thing for sure that we all have in
common and that is we get consistent results.

Boy oh boy do I know that feeling of 'who am I
supposed to trust.' That might be kind of a feeling
you have with all the information out there on fat

The solution that I found worked for me and the
solution that both Leigh and Alan told me in their
interviews is that if you really want to be successful
you have to learn about what you're trying to do.

That's the reason I'm in constant contact with some
of the best in the field so I can keep learning and
teaching the best methods to my clients and you.

That's also why I giving you the chance to learn
the methods that will help you reach your goals and
not just accept your current circumstances as reason
why you're not.

It's less then 5 bucks for the first month and only
10 bucks a month after that. And it will never go any
higher. This really should be a no brainer for you,
but it's your success. I don't want to be harsh, but
isn't that the reality of it.

It's really in YOUR hands. It's a choice on how
successful you can actually be. It's a choice that
you eat that desert at the Christmas party coming up.
It's a choice. It's all a choice.

What's yours?

Have a great Holiday Season,

Dan Grant
Degrees of Change Audio Series

PS - If you didn't know you're going to get 8 bonus
interviews throughout the year that will inspire the
hell out of you, but only if you subscribe by
tomorrow at

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tell Everyone...

This is just a friendly reminder to check out the totally
no-cost gifts that hundreds of fitness professionals will be
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This is literally one of the only chances you will ever get
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I do want to ask you a favor, though. Please forward this
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Have a great day,

Dan Grant

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

12 Days of Fitness is BACK!

Do you remember last year, The 12 Days of Fitness?

It's the program where you went to sign up and for
12 straight days you got access to hundreds of
fr-ee gifts from fitness pros around the world.

Well, it's back and this year I'm giving away 2
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Everything from diet to nutrition, fat loss to muscle
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There's absolutely no cost to get involved and you
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It's up to you. If you want to just go check it out to
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There's no pressure involved in this so that's what's
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The only thing you actually have to do is go over
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I will be emailing you tomorrow about something else and
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Since you're already on my list you will get my gifts
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don't feel obligated to get my gift because you're
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Ok, be sure to head over to http://www.12daysoffitness.comto get on the giftathon train...I'm being corny again
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Talk to you tomorrow

Dan Grant

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Is The Biggest Loser Sending The Right Message For Fat Loss? Part 3

It looks like they do interval training with contestants, which is a good thing because interval training creates an after effect on your metabolism (intense resistance training does this too). What I mean is, you are able to burn a lot more calories for a lot longer after your workout is over if you perform an intense interval training session.

So here’s point 3: stay away from long, slow cardio sessions for fat loss. It’s not optimal and it slowly eats away your muscle tissue if you go for too long. That’s not good because the more lean muscle you have, the higher your metabolism will be. The after effect (called EPOC) on your metabolism only lasts for a few minutes after your workout too.

***EPOC – excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This means your metabolism is higher than it was when you started the workout. You want your EPOC to last as long as possible because that means you will be burning a lot more calories then you were before you started. Doing long, slow cardio has an EPOC effect of only a few minutes. Interval training has an EPOC effect of 3-4 hours and when you combine a full body resistance session with interval training your EPOC can last up to two days. That’s pretty incredible***

So do interval training. If you would like to learn the proper way to perform interval training, I give an in-depth example in my 5-day E-course, which you can grab at

Saying all that, it is a great thing that people can make a true commitment to changing their lives. It’s not an easy thing to do and I have all the respect in the world for the contestants.

Just remember that your conditions are not even close to the same as theirs are. I saw a comeback show a few months ago with former contestants and I think all of them put weight back on, some up to 30-40 pounds. It’s not easy folks. It takes discipline and a willingness to work hard if you want the long lasting effects.

Your body will change the way you want it too when you’re completely ready and willing to make the commitment to change.

Just to rap up this longer than I intended to go rant, I’m not saying that The Biggest Loser sucks and you shouldn’t watch it. I’m just saying, don’t get frustrated by your results or give up because you didn’t lose 15 pounds your first week of training. That’s ridiculous.

Go out and work hard by doing the best you can. That means not doing things you know are wrong…like fast food, diet pop, etc. Just don’t do them.

You’ll get the body you desire if you absolutely want it bad enough. If you actually want it bad enough you’ll find the ways to make it happen.

Okay, I’ll finish with a ‘thought’ for you. I went to the Biggest Loser site and the member forum and I saw a post from somebody joking and asking, ‘is it wrong that I ate Oreos during the show?’. And my response and question to you is this…Is it EVER right to eat Oreos in the first place? You know the answer to that because you’re on your way to reaching your fat loss, right?

Dan Grant

PS - is where you have to go if you want to take advantage of the Holiday offer which will be on until Friday. Check back here tomorrow...I got some more pretty cool news.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What's Leigh think of The Biggest Loser?

Last Thursday I promised you that I could save
you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars
in the long run on fat loss information.

What I'm talking about is only going to be
available until the end of December and only
to people who sign up for my 'Get On Track
Fast' Fat Loss 5-day E-course.

But, since you've been a loyal subscriber
and/or you've already signed up for my e-course
I want to offer it to you too.

It would seriously be wrong of me not to tell
you about it. It's that good.

Degrees of Change Monthly Audio Series will
give you the highest quality and up to date
information from the top fat loss experts in
the world.

At the start of each month you get a new audio
from a different expert.

This month I interviewed Leigh Peele and we
covered A TON.

- We talked metabolic repair.

- We talked how people often mistake their serving

- We talked protein tolerance (very interesting)

- We covered detox dieting and fasting

- What you can do so you won't have to eat all the
junk food at your holiday parties

- We talked about High High Intensity Interval
Training (yep, that was 2 high's...incredible
information on this subject)

- We even talked about Leigh's thoughts on the hit
tv reality show the Biggest Loser

- That's not all we talked about either, the interview is
an hour long, with boat loads of practical stuff.

What I'm going to do for the people who order in
the next week is also give you ALL the inspirational
audio's I do FOREVER. The Degrees of Change
Inspirational Audio Series are interviews done at minimum
six times a year (but always more) that are with
people who actually conquered their fat loss goals
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If you're interested and would like to take advantage
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I promise that the information that you get during
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up to date information from the top experts every
month (most of the time twice, if not all the time).

Now I mentioned The Biggest Loser. I'm going to tell
you my thoughts on The Biggest Loser later this week so
keep an eye out for that.

Until then make sure you go grab your spot in the
Degrees of Change Monthly Audio Series before the
offer expires at

Have a great week,

Dan Grant

PS - The regular price of the Degrees of Change
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Monday, December 3, 2007

Is The Biggest Loser Sending The Right Message For Fat Loss? Part 2

Here's part 2 of my little Biggest Loser rant (it's a little shorter, part 3 is longer):

Here’s my observation about the workouts. Boy, they sure look intense. Jillian seems to have her act together…I’d let her train me anyways. The other two, Bob and Kim seem to do a lot of isolation stuff like bicep curls and quad extensions which don’t really create an optimal muscle growing potential but that doesn’t really matter when you kick the living crap out of the person for an hour on the treadmill.

Now, people might look at all these exercises and say, “I can’t jump up and down on a bench 15 times,” and you shouldn’t if you can’t or will hurt yourself. You also shouldn’t do full sprints on a treadmill until you’re ready. So I think what many people do is say, “Well I can do those arm curls they’re doing, and all those machines they use.” And that’s what they do. They’ll go machine to machine for an hour and maybe venture into the free weight area do perform the amazing bicep curls.

So point 2: don’t perform isolation movements. Which means, for the most part, stay away from the machines. You can use them, just not so much. Full body movements are your key to fat loss, along with proper intensity.

So deadlifts, squats, pushups, pull-ups, lunges, step ups, dumbbell snatches, clean to press, standing dumbbell press, ‘real’ rows, etc.

Now, I understand that you probably won’t know all of those exercises but you can always contact me through my sites to ask about them and I’ll help you out with them all. That’s why it’s important to get some help from somebody who actually knows what they’re doing to teach you proper deadlifts and squat form. They are two critical exercises in my opinion for success.

Dan Grant

PS - SPECIAL OFFER until Friday. Over 50% off my monthly audio series. Go to You will get your very first fat loss audio immediately.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Is The Biggest Loser Sending The Right Message For Fat Loss? Part 1

So here it goes…the article that could potentially fill my email with hate mail (my face just turned a little red just thinking about it). I watched an episode of The Biggest Loser tonight. For those of you who are not familiar with The Biggest Loser, it is a reality show that takes obese Americans and teaches them to live a healthy lifestyle by eating well and working out. Every week one individual is voted out as a result of their weight loss or lack there of. I don’t know what season it’s on but I will be focusing on the episode that aired November 27, 2007. There are 7 contestants left with a sixth about to be sent back into the unforgiving ‘real’ world.

I’m writing this article during the dreaded weigh in, where the contestants get weighed and the lowest two get sent below the also dreaded yellow line. They will then be put up for elimination.

I just saw a guy lose 4 pounds in one week and to my surprise he was not happy about it because that might send him below the yellow line. I don’t know how long the show has been going on for but he’s lost 80 pounds in, I’m assuming, 3 months. That’s close to 7 pounds a week lost.

Okay, so here’s my thing. I absolutely LOVE seeing these people make great changes in their lives and see how happy they start to become about their brand new body. The workouts are intense (I would say almost over doing it) and their nutrition from what I can tell is clean and low calorie (which might not be so good when they go back to normal living).

These people are making incredible changes, but I think this could be a reason why so many people who start on their own fat loss journey get so frustrated when they aren’t making the changes they thought they would initially.

People go on crash diets or some (as I’ve recently found out, especially young girls) actually fast and consume nothing but diet coke all day. Here’s the problem. You’re going to lose weight initially but you’re actually damaging your metabolic system and once you start actually eating again, which you will do because if you don’t you’ll die, the weight is going to come back with a vengeance.

(Random observation here, I think every time I see this show Kim the trainer is crying…is it just my luck or does this happen often?)

So point one, EAT if you want to lose weight. Eat smaller meals 5-6 times a day and focus on having protein (it has a greater thermic effect – meaning it burns more calories to digest it) and take away the processed carbs and as much sugar as possible.

All you should be drinking is water too. Sorry. You can have some green tea if you want too.

Dan Grant

PS - Part 2 will come Tomorrow or Monday. If you're looking for a simple and effective way to lose fat then go grab my 5-day 'Get On Track Fast' E-course right away at to learn the methods I teach my clients for guaranteed success.