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Monday, December 10, 2007

Stocking Stuffers and a Fat Loss Tip

Christmas was always one of my favorite holidays
when I was growing up. I mean not only did I get
2 weeks off of school, but I got gifts too :).

I also really enjoyed the Christmas services at
the church where my Grandpa was (and still is) the
Pastor. Every one was so happy. I always remember
thinking about if they are really happy or they are
'supposed' to be happy because it's Christmas. But I
think that should be another topic for another day.

Christmas morning always included my brother running
in my room and jumping on me at like 7am because he
couldn't wait any longer (he'd probably been up for
a couple hours already). So me, my brother, and my
sister would all gather in one of our rooms and we'd
wait for the 'OK' from our parents to see if Santa
came. My brother already knew though because
he'd snuck in the living room to count out his gifts.

First thing we'd do is look in our stockings and Santa
would never forget to add a mandarin orange and some

My girlfriend and I were at lunch last week and we
started talking about healthy stocking stuffer ideas.

A lot of it is usually chocolate or candy of some sort.
So we started coming up with ideas for some healthy
stocking stuffers that anyone could benefit from.

So if you're looking for ideas, I hope these help.

Obviously fruit, but that's boring.

It doesn't have to be food either, of course.

You can toss in jumping ropes or exercise books.

A monthly gym membership or a gift certificate from
a fitness store so they can grab a couple dumbbells
and do some inhome training.

You can also give them a healthy supplement that
everybody should have in their nutrition anyways.

The supplements I personally use can be found here.

My clients absolutely love the VGF and EFA Icon combo
that they offer. One is a whole food multi vitamin and
the other is krill oil. Great stuff.

So if you're still stuck and need some ideas maybe that's
a good one for you. The company I use is called Prograde

Now here's your fat loss tip of the day, are you ready?

Eat more veggies!

'Dan, what kind of tip is that? We all know that!'

I know you do but do you actually eat enough. A study
showed that just by adding more vegetables to your diet
led to greater fat loss. So that means even if you don't
change a thing, eating more veggies will bring along some
fat loss. I thought it was cool, but if you're really
disappointed in that tip I'll give you another one, ok?


Here's a good reminder for you during the holiday season.
With all the eggnog, alcohol, and holiday drinks this time
of year I'm not going to tell you not enjoy some of them
just don't do it all the time.

Here's what i mean. If you have a party that night and
there are going to be some holiday drinks offered, then drink
water all day and try to only enjoy a couple drinks...
there's a lot of calories in them and they add up quick.

Don't do it every night either...sorry...but if you really
want to at least maintain your weight over the holidays
then be careful.

I hope that tip went over a little better then the last
one :).

Enjoy your day,

Dan Grant

PS - My new book is out and there's some pretty cool
bonuses available right now. There's a lot of holiday
gift potential in it. They'll all be available for
a couple weeks at

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