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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

One Day UNANNOUNCED Sale Today ONLY! (Wednesday, December 26, 2007)

So here's the thing. It's Christmas night as I
write this. I just got home from all my family
events and it has been a great day. And I hope
yours was as well.

I couldn't help over hearing some of my family
members talk about getting up way before sunlight
tomorrow (today when you get this) to take advantage
of all the Boxing Day Sales.

If you're not from Canada, it's the biggest sales
event of the year.

It's exactly like the day after Thanksgiving in

I hate shopping and I'm even going to get up...not
like 5am like most...but like 8am to head out and see
what I can find.

So I pretty much just decided tonight that I should
hold a Boxing Day Sale. I mean, I am in Canada visiting,
so why not.

Plus, it will help you get ready for January which is only
a few days away now.

To conclude this blog post to you I am going to give you
everything on the page I'm about to send you to and you
will get the Inspire Series Audio Product when it's finished
absolutely free if you buy today.

How's that for a sale? Oh ya....I discounted the price
too :).

You can head over now if you'd like or check it out later.
Just remember it's a one day thing though so at midnight EST
of the 26th everything goes back to normal and all offers
are off the table.

I hope your holidays are going well.

Talk to you soon,

Dan Grant

PS - I'm only offering this to my list and on this blog
so if you know somebody you think would like to take
advantage of this just send them over to here.

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