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Friday, December 7, 2007

Am I really a fat loss expert?

Last night I did an incredible interview with
Men's Health Advisor Alan Aragon. His interview
is going to be released January 2nd to people on
the Degrees of Change Monthly Audio Series.

I was SHOCKED at this guys knowledge on nutrition
and how simple he made it to understand. This guy
is so good and picking apart research studies he
can tell you if the study is legitimate or the
study is giving away not-so-right advice from the
tiniest of information he can see.

He admitted during the call that it's one of the
only things he's good at :).

When we were talking, I started to think about
experts. In specific, fat loss experts. Alan has
helped hundreds of people shed fat, but some of his
techniques aren't the same as mine. They aren't the
same as Craig Ballantyne's. They aren't the same as
Mike Geary's.

You may not recognize those name's but they are big
names in the fat loss world.

There is one thing for sure that we all have in
common and that is we get consistent results.

Boy oh boy do I know that feeling of 'who am I
supposed to trust.' That might be kind of a feeling
you have with all the information out there on fat

The solution that I found worked for me and the
solution that both Leigh and Alan told me in their
interviews is that if you really want to be successful
you have to learn about what you're trying to do.

That's the reason I'm in constant contact with some
of the best in the field so I can keep learning and
teaching the best methods to my clients and you.

That's also why I giving you the chance to learn
the methods that will help you reach your goals and
not just accept your current circumstances as reason
why you're not.

It's less then 5 bucks for the first month and only
10 bucks a month after that. And it will never go any
higher. This really should be a no brainer for you,
but it's your success. I don't want to be harsh, but
isn't that the reality of it.

It's really in YOUR hands. It's a choice on how
successful you can actually be. It's a choice that
you eat that desert at the Christmas party coming up.
It's a choice. It's all a choice.

What's yours?

Have a great Holiday Season,

Dan Grant
Degrees of Change Audio Series

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Leigh Peele-Fitness Professional said...

Bet that is one heck of an interview with Alan, people will be lucky to listen to it!