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Sunday, December 30, 2007

How to Make 2008 Your Fat Loss Year...

How were your holidays?

Mine went well. It's been fun to be home for a
little while to enjoy the company of my family and

Now I have to start getting ready for Philadelphia
where I'm heading for a conference on January 3rd.

(Don't tell anyone, but I'm really excited to run up
the Rocky stairs at the museum....I'm a HUGE Rocky
fan :) ).

My sister even got me a Rocky glass for Christmas.
Okay, enough Rocky for now. Let's talk about you and

I've been doing the 'internet thing' for about a year
and a half now and it's given me the opportunity to help
people reach their goals all over the world. It's been
a ton of fun.

I get emails all the time from subscribers asking
questions and it's always a pleasure answering them and
helping out. So if you ever have a question don't
hesitate to shoot me over an email.

What I want to do to help you start your New Year on
the right path is make you a list of some items I recommend
that everybody tries out.

This isn't just some crazy random list either. I'm only
going to recommend 3 things to you.

I've read and tried all of them with awesome success. That's
why I'm recommending them to you, because i think they will
help you too.

You DON'T HAVE to try them out if you don't want to. It's
just recommendations.

If you've been consistent with reaching your goals and have
certain ways you do things to achieve your success then keep
doing them.

If it's working, it's working.

If you've struggled with your goals before, though, it might
be worth at least checking it out and seeing if it'd be
something you'd be interested in.

I'm going to give you a couple New Year's fat loss tips
at the end of this email too.

This program changed my life by helping me focus on my
goals and reach almost all of them that I set.

I'm going to be using this program in a BIG way this year
as I have quite a few big goals that I'm going to be bustin'
my ass to achieve.

It's called The Magic Hundred by Dax Moy.

Dax is great guy and really inspirational and helpful. If
I was to recommend just one item to look into this year for
you it'd be this one.

Just click here if you're interested.

Now as for fat loss training I'm going to assume you've
heard of Turbulence Training before. If you haven't, you're
missing out on a program that has helped transform thousands
of people.

If you have heard of it and haven't tried it out yet....then
why not?

I won't go into a big blurb about it. It works, plus he's
holding a competition right now that if you buy his book
you can win a bunch of cash and other prizes.

So if you want to shed some of that holiday weight go here.

And finally for my list of success is my Degrees of Change
Audio Series
. It's monthly (usually bi-monthly) interviews
from the top people in the game of fat loss.

It will give you up to date fat loss info and some pretty
cool tips and strategies that you most likely won't learn
from your local 'personal trainer.

Plus it's still available at 1/2 price until I get back from
Philadelphia which is the 7th of January.

It's definitely affordable and it's got life changing
potential if you put the strategies into use.

So go here to take one final look before it goes back to
regular price.

Now I know that this probably sounds 'salesy' and looks like
I'm just selling you stuff, but it's really not.

Like i said, I've used them and actually created one of them
so I have personal experience with them and that's the only
reason I'd recommend them.

You don't even have to check them out if you don't want to.
It's your choice.

But anyways, here's a couple tips of my own to make your 2008
super successful.

Tip #1 - Think long term

Don't focus on major fat loss all in January and February.
There's a reason most new gym members stop showing up after
the third week of January.

Make it a goal to be consistent going to the gym this year
or getting your workouts in. Set a number for the year. If your
goal is 3 times a week that's 156 workouts this year. Focus on
reaching that number and you'll see consistent results, and
you'll notice that going to the gym isn't such a challenge
after doing it for a while.

Tip #2 - Find somebody to get involved with you

It's a lot more fun if you had a workout partner going after
the same goals you do. And by helping them out you'll notice
that you will start to lead by example and get even better
results yourself.

Become a team and get a positive support system. That's why
bootcamps are getting so popular. It gives people a great
team atmosphere and a great support system.

Bonus Tip #3 - PLAN, PLAN, PLAN

Schedule your days. The more I write in my calendar to
set my next day up the more productive and consistent I am.

This goes for workouts, meals, business calls, meetings,
training sessions, presentations, article submissions, etc.

Do your best to plan your meals and workouts at minimum and
you will be seeing great results in a short period of time.

Phew....I'm out of breath after all that :).

Happy New Year,

Dan Grant

PS - Sorry for the really LONG blog. You won't be hearing
from me until next Monday so I had to tell you a lot of
good stuff today :).

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