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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tell Everyone...

This is just a friendly reminder to check out the totally
no-cost gifts that hundreds of fitness professionals will be
giving away to YOU starting next Monday.

This is literally one of the only chances you will ever get
to take advantage of such a variety of knowledge. Of
course, if you don't want a certain gift you don't have to
get it. It's really your choice. But I guarantee you that
you will find plenty of gifts that will help you out.

If you want to be involved in the 12 days of fitness then
all you have to do is go to
It's that's easy.

I do want to ask you a favor, though. Please forward this
message to everyone you know. Just because they aren't
receiving emails from me, shouldn't prevent them from
taking part in this great event.

If they're interested in the 12 days of fitness, don't forget
to tell them about my 5-day fat loss e-course either at

Have a great day,

Dan Grant

PS - Remember, if you know ANYBODY who would
be interested in FR-EE gifts from some of the best in the
business then please get them over to
You can use it as a Christmas present for them if you'd
like :).

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