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Saturday, December 22, 2007

5 tips to get you started this Christmas and New Years

First off, Merry Christmas!

Second, this will be the last blog post you
get until after Christmas.

My stay in Thunder Bay, ON has been a lot of
fun so far. I even got a surprise call one
afternoon to do a talk at a weight loss group
in town. I had a lot of fun with it and I think
the group of 50 or so enjoyed it was
pretty funny with my inability to pronounce the
word 'metabolism'. :)

Anyways, we all know New Years is coming and I
want you to reach all your fat loss goals this
year so I decided to make you a little list that
will help you start on the right track.

Tip #1

Fast and effective workouts

I explain it all here

Tip #2

My buddy Scott shows you a pretty awesome video
and gives you a workout plan...all free too.

Video link: Unstoppable Fat Loss

Workout Plan for guys: Fit Bastard

Workout Plan for women: Fit Chic

Tip #3

What if fat loss was a sport?

Tip #4

If you're looking at getting a personal trainer
this January then read this first

Tip #5
2 videos that could change your life

Paul teaches you to never give up on your

Team Hoyt literally just inspires the hell out
of you here

So there's some information and inspiration
overload for you to start your Christmas holidays.

I truly do wish you the best this Holiday Season and
I'd like to personally thank you for
being apart of my life. I hoped I have been able
to help you come closer to your goals this past year
and I really look forward to taking you to the next
level with your fat loss goals.

Again, I wish you a healthy and happy Holidays!

Dan Grant

PS - Since I won't be emailing you till later next
week I just wanted to remind you on the special 50%
off discount that I'm offering for my subscribers
only until New Year's Eve at 12 noon. If you're
interested check out the Degrees of Change Monthly
Audio Series

PPS - Sorry for the excessive links in this
would be really LONG though if I didn't have them :).

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