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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Do you practice fat loss excellence?

Well, it's the Pats vs. the Giants in the Superbowl.

I'm actually kind of sad about it. I'm a Brett
Favre fan so it would have been nice to see him at
the big show one more time.

Favre is a guy that practices football excellence.

What I want to ask you today though, is if you are
practicing fat loss excellence.

Definition of excellence:

"Success is being better than other people; excellence
is being YOUR best." -Alwyn Cosgrove

When people ask me questions regarding training, two
words that seem to keep popping up are the words
'easiest' and 'fastest.'

People don't like waiting for things, myself included.
I'm one of the most impatient people around. I want
results and I want them quickly. I used to get
frustrated as hell when after a week of training, my
body wasn't ripped yet. That was back in my younger
years, of course. I understand training a little more
now and because of that I'm more patient now :).

One thing, I think people need to remember is that time
is going to pass no matter what we are doing and we are
going to change and progress with how we spend that time.

Looking for the 'easiest' or 'fastest' way then, could
be a total waste of time. How many times have you tried
the latest diet or supplement promising near instant
results and failed with them?

It's really easy to walk around for awhile and say that
you walk for exercise, but is that really helping you
with your goals?

The biggest problem I see in people looking to transform
their body is that their approach is wrong. They aren't
doing things that will bring them closer to their goals.

If your goal is to lose 20 pounds of fat and get shredded
six pack abs, but you continue eating fast food and pizza
everyday, you aren't really acting the way you should be
to achieve your goals.

And I will let you off the hook a little because maybe
you didn't realize what to actually do to achieve your
goals, but that reason is gone forever now that you signed
up for my newsletter.

The reason you set goals and continue to set new goals
is because there is a desire in you to succeed and to be
your best. That's why we set goals, because you aren't
satisfied with where you are and you want BETTER.

So you really have to ask yourself if your ACTIONS are
helping you to get you closer to your GOALS.

What's the point in setting goals to make you better if
you aren't willing to make the necessary changes to
achieve them?

If you want to use the exact same tool that I use for
goal setting then Dax Moy will show you how to acheive
all your goals here.

Have a great day,

Dan Grant

PS - Why are 10,000 personal trainers going to be
listening to me for training advice? Stay tuned to find
out all about it soon.

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