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Monday, January 14, 2008

3 Critical Nutrition Facts for Your Success

Good nutrition during a fat loss program is critical. If
you read my nutrition lesson in my 5 day e-course then
you know my stance on it.

But it's always good to get different opinions. I went
in-depth with the guy I'm about to introduce you in an
interview we did for The Degrees of Change Fat Loss Plan.

Nis name...Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS. What he does...
He's the Director of Research and Development for Prograde

It was an incredible interview and I wanted to share a
little bit of it with you.

DG - What do starchy carbs actually do to the body to
slow down fat loss?

JH - When eaten by themselves or when they dominate a
meal they tend to elevate insulin levels, which promote
fat storage. This is why I recommend eating a carb
choice that contains 3gms of fiber or more as well as eating
your lean protein because they help to counteract this
rise in insulin level and allows your body to burn these
calories for energy rather than store them as fat.

DG - What about bed time snacks? Do you recommend it?
What types of snacks would you want clients to eat before

JH - If one of their feeding opportunities which is every
2-3 waking hours calls for them to eat before bed then
yes go ahead and take advantage of the feeding opportunity.
I normally suggest a serving of almonds, or pecans as a
snack before going to bed. Another good snack is yogurt
and a piece of fruit or cottage cheese and a piece of

DG - How important is water in fat loss success?

JH - Water is very important because your body conducts
thousands of reactions a day and many depend on water
and proper hydration. If your body is not getting enough
water then your metabolism and all these chemical reactions
don't run efficiently which means you are not going to burn
the ideal amount of calories. Your body worries more about
protecting and saving itself rather than burning calories.

Jayson is just one of 9 others I interviewed and forced
them to give me all of the good stuff in The Degrees of
Change Fat Loss Plan.

Have a productive and successful week and remember if you
have questions just drop me a line :).

Talk to you soon,

Dan Grant

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