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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chilly in Philly.....

I'm here in Philadelphia for a conference right now.....not really too bad weather wise today but yesterday it was bit chilly as we walked around South Philly and had the world famous Philly Cheese Steaks at Geno's (I know....not exactly healthy...but you gotta try a Philly Cheese Steak in Philadelphia if you get the chance).

I also fufilled a little fantasy of mine by running up the famous Rocky steps at the Art Museum. I'm a HUGE Rocky fan so this was a really cool thing for me. Also saw the big statue that was unveilled in Rocky III.

Here's a few pics of me and Rocky...

Me getting ready for the sprint (actually more like a jog)

Celebrating on Rocky's foot prints.....pretty cool stuff. that you're annoyed at me and Rocky I'm going to shove some more down your throat.

Before we went to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall (where they signed the Constitution and Declaration of Independence) I found a Rocky book that had famous Rocky quotes from all the Rocky flicks....even number 6.

Being January and people are just starting the journey of going after their Resolutions I found a quote from the book that will hopefully help you keep working until you get there.

Before I tell you the quote, I really hope you went and grabbed a copy of the Magic 100 last week because it will help you so much. It's one of those products where you have concerns about actually getting it, but then you do and are a little annoyed that you didn't get it a long time ago.

Alright...I'm actually going to give you a couple's from Mick (Rocky's hard ass, old school, don't question, full of pretty sweet wisdom boxing trainer) and the other is from Philly's hero Rocky.

If you're struggling to think you can't reach your goals then Mick's advice might help you out here.

"What's Can't? There Ain't NO Can'ts!" - Mick

And when you start struggling (which everybody's an unfortunate part of the whole process), Rocky gives some invaluable wisdom on what it takes to acheive anything worthwhile.

"Going In One More Round...When You Don't Think You Can - That's What Makes ALL The Difference In Your Life." - Rocky

Well...It's late Saturday night here so I should go get ready for some sleep as Dana Cavalea, Strength and Conditioning Coach of the NY Yankees is speaking at 8:30am.

Talk to you when I get back in Winchester.

Dan Grant

PS - One last thing. When I do get back in Winchester the sale for the Degrees of Change Monthly Audio Series will be over so head over here to join up for literally pennies a day.

PPS - have a great rest of your weekend!

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