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Monday, January 7, 2008

Roger Clemens a Liar?....a lesson in your fat loss decisions

Actually, I don't think Roger Clemens ever took
steroids. Just an opinion, though.

Did you watch 60 minutes last night?

His Vioxx conversation reminded me of when I was
'taking it like skittles' as he put it when I was
in college playing baseball to get through games
because of my elbow....but that's really another

And the steroids stuff in baseball doesn't have much
to do with fat loss. I'm just interested because I've
known guys who have taken testosterone in college to
'get ahead', and you know what....never really helped
them out too much.

I coach baseball now and I was actually just in
Philadelphia for the world's biggest coaching conference,
where I got to chat with the New York Yankees Strength
Coach Dana Cavalea. Really cool guy.

I posted a few pics of my Rocky adventure below in a different
blog post if you're interested.

By now (if you're still with me) you're probably
wondering what the hell the point of this email to you
is all about.

#1 - Quick fixes are pretty much pointless, no matter
how much you believe they are going to help.

For a lot of the guys who took steroids it was their
quick fix. And now one of them could spend some time
behind bars because of it.

Now taking weight loss pills probably won't send you to
jail or anything but they have proven time and time again
that they are just a quick fix and never help you out
long term so stay the hell away from them.

Dana talked about how nobody wants to work hard in baseball
anymore...they just want to know what kind of supplements
they should take to get better.

It's the exact same way with fat loss. People just don't
want to work hard at it. They want the quick fix, no work

Listen, it ain't going to happen. The sooner you realize
that you're going to have to put some effort into it, the
sooner you're going to start looking the way you want to

#2 - Think about the future and how your actions of today
could affect the way you live down the road.

Clemens has had one of the greatest pitching careers ever,
and now these allegations have put everything in question.

A lot of people ask me what they can do to get fit for
trips and vacations. Unfortunately you have to give me
more then 2 weeks notice to get you the body you
want....sorry :).

And again, the quick fixes like crash diets and pills, could have
a NEGATIVE affect on your body in the future. Think about
it really hard before you decide to go on diets. You HAVE to
think long term health.

The reason I mention this though is my buddy Steve Little,
a life coach, told me the other day he's giving away a free
report on how to have an abundant life before and after

I know, I know...."What in the hell Dan? How will this
help my fat loss?"

Actually, the info in the report, which is fr-ee by the way,
gives you some pretty awesome information that can help you
through every aspect of your life.

Retirement is going to happen, so why not be prepared to
be totally secure and healthy when it does come about. I
want you to get the body you deserve, but more importantly
to me is that you LIVE the LIFE you want to live.

If you think this is something you would be interested in
go here to pick up the report.

I got some pretty great fat loss stuff coming your way in
a few days. I was going to tell you today, but this has
turned into another long blog.

I hope you're enjoying them :)

Talk to you soon,

Dan Grant

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