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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Learning brings results

I wasn't going to write you until next week,
but I just had too.

I'm at the NSCA Southeast Regional Conference
in Reston, VA and day 1 just finished and it
was awesome.

Just a lot of great information that I can
now start to use with my clients.

I was looking forward to Gray Cook's Functional
Movement Screening presentation for weeks (I
know, I'm kind of a dork I guess) and it did
not disappoint.

BUT, that's not why I write you tonight.
I'm writing to explain why learning about
fat loss is almost as important as the
training itself.

Understanding the 'why' in what you're doing
will help you make better decisions by yourself
and help you to make adjustments where you
feel necessary.

The most successful clients I've ever had were
the ones who took the time to learn what the
training was going to do to their body, what
certain foods would do, what proper rest would
do, etc.

Remember the whole low carb craze? I know its
still going a little bit, but not like it was.

People got so caught up in it that they just
did it without even knowing what the hell the
diet was actually going to do to their body.

Pretty much everybody I know that tried it is
now either back to or heavier then when they

It was a 'quick-fix' kind of deal. It didn't
help people change their behavior's on how to
eat better and take better care of themselves.

Don't just jump on a craze, learn about why you
should consider it and how it could help or not

When I just got into the world of training that
was me.

A young kid (still young in a lot of people's
eyes) looking for ways to get my clients the best
results and stand apart from everybody else.

So once the BOSU ball made it's mark in the fitness
world I was right there saying that it was a
great 'functional' piece of equipment that activates
your core while you perform exercises on it.

I didn't look into it, I just jumped right on
board. As I aged and talked to some of the top
people in the industry I learned to be a critical
thinker and decide what will ACTUALLY work best,
not just the philosophy behind an exercise.

I hate the BOSU ball now. I'll use it with
athletes a little bit, but for my fat loss
clients I never use it.

The 'theory' is understandable about using it, but
I can get way better results lifting a heavier
weight to stimulate the muscles and get a greater
number of motor units involved.

So the 'theory' might be right but it sucks.

The 'theory' behind long slow cardio may be right,
but as you know, I just don't feel it's the
optimal way to burn fat. Interval training is
far more effective.

I've had people come to me just for me to make
them a program because they've heard of my results.

When I asked them if they'd like to know why the
results happen and learn the process involved, they
say, "no, I just want a program."

Most of them fail because they don't learn the
process and why certain exercises may be better
and why you are actually supposed to lift at a
higher intensity because of the reaction it will
have on your EPOC (your metabolism after your

Once people understand why they are doing it and
understand how their body will react to the methods,
they start seeing amazing AND lasting results.

So I'm here learning from some top people and
really looking forward to another day at it

Then I'll drive back home, try to take it all in,
and figure out how I might apply the information
to help you out.

Sorry if this email was a little 'scattered'.

I had this 'thought' actually on the drive up here
at like 6:30am and I've been waiting all day to
have the opportunity to write it.

Enjoy your weekend,

Dan Grant

PS - UPDATE on my new product. I've been getting
emails about when it will launch. I was planning
on launching it on my birthday which is next
Monday, but it might have to wait another week.
Sorry if I haven't replied to all of your emails
this week, it's been busy.

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