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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Beer and Fat Loss

So I'm in the change room at the gym yesterday and the TV in there is on CNN. Lucky for me they had a 'special report' on a study from Britain i think about how beer is better then water after workouts.

I'll be honest when I say that a study was a giant waste of time to figure that out, but most studies these days seem to be a waste of time.

It has carbs. Carbs help replenish the glycogen in your muscles.

Water does nothing to help your muscles recoop, it just hydrates you.

That's why you should be talking an actual post workout shake after your workouts. Hear that, an actual post workout shake...not beer. Sorry.

This is the one I use right here. Prograde Workout. Men's Fitness magazine has endorsed it and it's by far the best I've ever used.

Check it out at Prograde Nutrition.

Dan Grant

PS - off to Reston, VA tomorrow for a conference. Just a heads up as it will be tough to get a hold of me. Have a great weekend.

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