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Monday, November 12, 2007

It's my birthday, heres a gift from me

Well, I had a great time in Reston, Virginia at
the NSCA clinic and learned some great information
that will help both me and you.

Mike Martino even gave me a NSCA carry bag as
present for my birthday.

Mike's a really cool guy who did a presentation
called Rope Battling. It's a whole workout
using a variety of sized ropes from 12 feet all
the way up to 100 feet. It's one of the most
intense workouts I've ever done. It was nuts.

I thought it was so great that I'm going to
incorporate rope training into my program for
the high school baseball team I'll be training
this winter.

But anyways. Since today is my birthday and
I've gotten a lot of great gifts and well wishes
already, I wanted to give you a gift from me.

I know I've been talking to you a lot about
making choices and motivation lately so I went out
and found the perfect gift to help you out with
those choices.

Personally, I love using quotes when I need a
little extra drive or when I'm about to do something
that's challenging and unwanted thing called 'doubt'
tries to creep in my brain.

Daniel Munday is a fitness trainer in Australia
and he was gracious enough to let me give you his
ebook called, GET MOTIVATED!

It's loaded with sayings and quotes that will
get you moving in no time. I use it and I know you
will be able to use it too.

There's no training advice or anything like that
in this book. Just 52 quotes that will light a
fire under you...if you need one :).

You can go grab it here. (Don't worry, you won't
have to fill in your email address or anything like
that. All you have to is download it).

I really hope you can get some good use out of
it. I have.

Well, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my birthday...I
think I'll have a piece of the apple pie Marleen (my
girlfriend) made to celebrate. Just one piece

Have a great week,

Dan Grant

PS - go grab your copy of GET MOTIVATED! by going to

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