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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was born and raised in Canada (who celebrated
Thanksgiving about a month and a half ago), but
currently I live in Virginia so I will be
celebrating American Thanksgiving at one of
Marleen's friend and her family in West Virginia.

Now, I will honestly tell you that I am most
likely going to go full force into it and have a
'good size' serving :).

So in all respect I can't really tell you to go
out and not eat what you want. In my opinion, if
you enjoy the food then enjoy yourself.

This can be your cheat day, even though I'm not
really a huge fan of cheat days. I mean, you eat
right for 6 days and just go nuts on day 7. To me
it doesn't make too much sense at all.

I do teach cheat meals, however. I find it to be
more effective if you're doing 2-3 cheat meals
during the week instead of one big empty calorie

I will tell you one thing I will do to stop me
from over doing it too much. Im going to eat a
little snack and drink at least one glass of water
about and hour before the meal. Honestly, I'll
look forward to the snack because it tastes so
friggin' good.

If I wanted I could probably eat a whole box of the
damn things in one day. The snack I'm talking
about is Prograde Cravers. I love the Spirulina
Cravers and I heard from the Nutritionist at Prograde
last week that the Peanut Butter Cravers were the
most popular.

Anyways, so if you want to keep your portions at a
lower level today (whether you're celebrating
Thanksgiving or not) is to have a small healthy
snack and a glass of water about an hour before
your meal.

Alright, enough spending time on the 'net. Go
enjoy the holidays with your family.

Dan Grant
Prograde Cravers

PS - It is the holidays and there are some very special
holiday announcements that will be happening at
Dan Grant Fitness Coaching within the next 2 weeks. So
if you have a special person (or yourself) that wants
some truly amazing fat loss information for a gift then
be sure to keep your eyes open. It will be worth it,
trust me.

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