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Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Thanksgiving at Berkley Spings

Well, we (Marleen and I) just got back from Thanksgiving Dinner in Berkley Springs, West Virginia...which looks like it's built on a mountain. We got there had a GREAT dinner, after each of us promised to start on a diet the next day, of course :)...I couldn't help myself, I had to have a second serving.

Because we just moved to Winchester we were offered dinner with one of Marleen's friend's family. It was a fantastic time and I thank everyone from welcoming us and treating us so well.

After dinner, Marleen's friend Sarah took us out for a little tour of the small town, which was actually very neat. Here's us at this amazing view below.

We then went to see a castle...yep, a castle, that was built in 1885. It was incredible. Here's a couple pics of it below.

We then went to get Berkley Springs water. This water is 74.3 degrees farenheit and comes directly from various hot springs...that's what I remember anyways. It's also where George Washington himself used to go for a hot bath spa type treatment. Really cool stuff.

Here's me trying not to get wet.

We then went back for desert...I wasn't a very good example...let's just leave it at that. Listen, I hope you did the same, though. I mean, why not on Thanksgiving, with good friends and family.

One comment that was familiar to me made at the dinner table was, "I guess I'll be doing extra cardio tomorrow."

Don't do it if you were planning on it, please. Why make yourself suffer. It won't help you that much and it'll seem like you're punishing yourself for enjoying a rare family event and great meal.

If you're working out do your regular workout and some interval training. Way more effective, won't take as long, and you'll feel friggin' AWESOME when you're done.

Alright, well if you celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday I hope you had a great time and if you didn't I hope you had a great day too. And I hope everybody has a great weekend.

Dan Grant

PS - November 30 is rapidly approaching. For you in the Choose to Move contest, remember to keep me informed on how things are going and give me your results. Just sent me a line at

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