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Monday, November 5, 2007

Fat Loss Fun...or not

I hope everything is well.

Today's topic is kind of a fun one because it
usually will bring out some pretty interesting
views and opinions from both other fitness
professionals and people interested in fat loss.

I'm talking about exercise being FUN.

Boy does this topic sure bring out some emotion
in people.

Some agree with me and some don't.

And to be honest with you I sometimes struggle
with this a little bit too.

I love having fun and doing fun things, but
sometimes doing certain exercises in the gym
just are not very appealing to me when I'm
a little sore or all together for that matter.

I mean, I know the benefits of doing squats, but
the thought of loading a pile of weight on the
bar and actually lowering it and pushing it
back up just isn't fun for me sometimes.

You probably know what I mean. I talked a bit
about this last Thursday with you. How I woke
up and wasn't in the mood to do anything,
especially go to the gym.

I'm sure you've had that feeling before, right?

I think everybody has at one time or another.

But that's when the choices we have come into play.
Do we just baredown and do the frigging squats or
do we 'forget' about them...but just 'this' time.

Man oh man, they aren't fun sometimes but they
are so good for you. Squats bring results.

Ultimately that's what we want isn't it? We want
results. I bet you didn't sign up for a gym
membership to not get some sort of results, did

So why does exercise always have to be fun?

I talk about this in my new book coming soon,
Degrees of Change Fat Loss Plan.

To me there's a reason that some people get a tad
overweight in the first place. Because they don't
like to exercise.

But last time I checked, doing the 'fun' exercises
don't necessarily bring the best results...if any.

Doing some heavy squats, deadlifts, and cleans for
example will bring you results. There's almost no
way they can't if you do them right. But you
never see people doing that in the gyms.

I do heavy deadlifts currently in my program
and boy do I get weird looks from people. It's
like I'm from another planet in there. Deadlifts
are like some ancient exercise nobody even knows
about anymore in commercial gyms.

It's facinating to me when people ask me how to
get a bigger back and I tell them heavy deadlifts,
the look of horror and/or confusion I get.

But I'm getting off topic here.

Back to YOU, {!firstname}.

If I told you that you would be guaranteed to
shed 20 pounds of ugly fat by doing squats,
deadlifts, pull-ups, and intense interval training
on a bike would you do it?

Now let's say you had me there and I taught you the
proper way to do everything and you totally
understand why you were doing what you were doing
and how it was going to help.

Now let's say I leave you on your own. It's totally
now in your hands what you do. And to you doing
squats and interval training on a bike are not fun
at all.

You'd prefer doing leg extensions and leg curls and
read a magazine on a treadmill for 45 minutes.

What do you do?

Would you opt for the results (even though there'd
be a lot more work and sweat involved) or would you
opt for the latter which could bring you some results
but nothing near the interval/squat type workout I
made out for you?

My method isn't very 'fun' for you, so does that mean
you shouldn't do it because of that fact?

I guess the choice is up to you.

The whole point of my 'Choose to Move' Contest,
which is gaining some great momentum from all the
people who have decided to enter, is to have you
eliminate some of the choices that you are currently
making that are stopping you from your fat loss goals.

I've had people tell me that not making themselves
a priority is stopping them.

I've had people tell me that not writing down their
goals is what's holding them back.

I've had people tell me that being lazy and not
planning their meals more efficiently is holding
them back.

There have been so many 'choices' that have been
slowing people down.

And all of them have comitted to changing those choices
until November 30, and see what happens to their body
and life.

Today (November 5) is the deadline to enter.

All you have to do is reply to this email and tell me
what choices you currently make that are stopping you
from achieving your goals and what you plan on doing
to change that.

There will be a winner and their will be a big prize
for them.

You get something for entering, as well.

The 'choice' is yours, really.

What are you going to choose?

Your friend and coach,

Dan Grant

PS - What one person said about my new
product that's coming soon.

"Dan Grant does not sugarcoat fat loss. He is
real, he is honest, and he expects results.
He has totally gone out on a limb for his
readersby teaching us not only the right way to
eat and be healthy with total fitness, but also
how to get our mind in the game and start
to think like a healthy person. Dan knows
it is not easy, yet he streamlines the process
in this book so well that using his methods yield
real hope that we will get to a leaner, more
healthy body."

Karen Kay

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