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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You helped change my day

I'll tell you what. Isn't it so easy to tell people what to do
sometimes and then not even take the advice yourself?

My Monday started out as an off-day for me. I felt so tired.
Maybe it was because I was up late watching the Red Sox win
the World Series, but to say the least I was not in the mood to
do anything.

This coming the morning after I sent you the information about
the 'Choose to Move' Contest.

Then I opened my email box and there were some emails from
people wanting to get in on the contest. So far it's been a nice
response, but frankly I am expecting a lot more people to get
involved in this.

So if you haven't yet, simply reply to this email and tell me all
the choices that you are making that are holding you back from
your fat loss goals and how you plan on changing them and you
get a f.r.e.e gift.

I didn't say what that was last email but the people who have
already gotten involved are PUMPED about them so I figure I can
just let you know maybe 'nudge' you into action.

Once you enter you get a goal setting package to get you started
and you get my email consulting services at no cost until November
30, 2007 when the contest ends.

I am going to set a deadline by when this email has to be sent by
you so you have enough time to make a significant change. The
deadline for entry will be Monday, November 5, 2007. So once
Tuesday comes, no more entries.

That will give you roughly 3 and a half weeks to do something great
with both your body and life. And if you think that's not enough time
to make a significant change, I'll just be blunt and say you're wrong.

You can make some pretty awesome changes in about 21 days

So email me and get involved. Winner of the contest gets a prize pack
that's never been given out (because it's new) and will cost quite a bit
of money when it hits the market.

I'm not telling you what it is though, because like I said in the last email
I want you to do this for YOU, not because you might win something
for f.r.e.e.

But back to my Monday. Boy did I not feel like going to the gym.
You just have those kinds of days, you know what I mean?

But reading through my emails of people wanting to get involved in the
contest and change their bodies reminded me that all I was doing right
then was making a choice not to exercise.

All I had to do if I wanted to exercise was MAKE THE CHOICE to

So that's what I did. I also made the choice to do a workout at home
rather then go all the way to the gym.

So what I did was grab my back pack, found all of my big and heavy
certification books and put 'em in. I got my bag to weight a little over
20 pounds. Not bad.

Sure as hell makes pushups and the plank a little tougher.

My workout was about 30 minutes and I kind of experimented a bit
to see what kind of exercises I could do with a back pack and I
honestly did an incredible full body workout.

I was doing Turkish get ups, Bulgarian squats, pushup varieties, calf raises,
shoulder presses, backpack rows, and I even tried to do some backpack

Now I know you might not recognize some of those exercises, but when
I get some time I'm going to do my best to put together a backpack
workout package with some pictures and workouts to give to you.

If you don't have any old textbooks from school, I'm sure your kids do.
You can use pretty much anything that has some weight to it. And it's
really easy to take a book out to lighten the load for certain exercises.

One more point I'd like to make...actually more like advice.

Don't eat chili 5 minutes after a solid workout like I did. Things can
go from good to bad pretty fast :).

I don't know what I was thinking.

Anyways, I as you have my off-days, but it really is just a choice if
you're going to let that off-day slow you down or make it into an
amazing day.

Because of YOU, my day turned amazing.

How about you make the choice now to change a few things that
are slowing your fat loss goals down and let me know about them.

I know tonight is Halloween but remember it's
YOUR choice how much candy you eat.

So what do you say?

Are you ready turn things around and start taking the steps to

I look forward to hearing from you,

Dan Grant

PS - The value of the package you get just for signing up would
usually cost $150, but it's all yours f.r.e.e by entering the 'Choose
to Move' Contest.

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