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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Which one of these things doesn't belong here?

Today I was working out at one of the local gyms here in
Winchester and I felt like I was in that old game I used to play as
as kid.

Do you remember that game, Which one of these things doesn't belong?
I think that's what it was called anyways.

Remember how there were usually 4 or 5 objects and you had to pick
the object that didn't match or had no relation to the other 4

That was ME on this morning.

I was in the free weight section (my usual hangout in gyms) doing
some dumbbell lunges. There were only 4 other people in the
weight section with me so it was nice. I hate when it's busy.

To my amazement (well maybe not actually amazed, but caught of guard
to say the least) EVERY person who was in the fre.e weight section
was doing concentration curls.

The exercise where you sit down with a dumbbell, put your elbow on
the inside of your leg, and proceed to curl the dumbbell and get
a 'pump' in your biceps (which is about all the exercise is actually
good for).

Now, I'm not all against isolation exercises as some people might
think, but I really do believe that they are almost pointless
when it comes to fat loss training.

The more muscles you can work in the shortest amount of time will
boost your metabolism sky high and it will prevent the unwanted
hormone cortisol to enter your body.

Research has shown the cortisol enters the body at around 43 minutes
during intense weight training. Cortisol is known for eating away
away at lean muscle tissue, which isn't good if your transforming
your body into a lean mean fighting machine...sorry, I get carried
away sometimes.

So compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, chin ups, pushups, hang
cleans, clean and presses, etc. are far more useful because they
work a lot of muscles at one time and rev up your metabolism.
Same thing goes for your abs too. Crunches don't get you six pack
abs. Actually, I would dare to say (might get some heat for this
comment) that NO ab exercises you do while lying flat on the floor
will get you a set of six packs.

I mean they are isolation exercises too so why would they be any
different then concentration curls.

My abs have been 'showing' more and more lately and I don't do ANY
floor (on my back) or stability ball exercises. I'll use the rollout wheel,
every once in a while, and as all of my clients now (and love) the
plank is a key exercise in my training.

Remember last week I mentioned the study that showed you lose
stomach fat FIRST while doing interval training?

If you want a six pack then you need to be doing interval training
and have a solid nutrition plan for one thing. But I also think you
need to have a program that focuses around compound movements to
really help with getting your metabolism to high fat burning levels
all day long.

There's a whole teleseminar happening next week on six pack abs.
I'll be there listening in and I hope you will be too. I'm always
interested in seeing what kind of new information I can pick up.
It's a no-cost teleseminar too, so don't worry about that.
It's all at

So, which one of these things doesn't belong here?

I guess I didn't on today :).

Have a great weekend!

Dan Grant

PS - The six pack teleseminar series does start next Monday so
go sign up and learn some awesome info at

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William Fatner said...

I love this your s dedication to losing weight. But Fat people make way too many excuses.

Overweight people typically just need to STOP putting food in their mouths. Simple as that. Fat people are usually very sensitive to the truth and complain that this attitude is "mean" or "uncaring." God helps those that help themselves, so put down the chips and get healthy already. Look, here's the DIET SOLUTION; anyone that wants to lose the flubber should simply take a picture of themselves and put it on the fridge next to a picture of a starving child. Next time you need a cupcake, stare at the picture for 30 seconds and get real.

There's more, but you can read it all at the link below. We welcome all feedback.