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Friday, February 16, 2007

Welcome to Virginia

Hi guys,

I'm sitting here in Winchester, Virginia and am going to see the sites (and try not to get lost for the third time) very shortly. My girlfriend is down here doing a grad school interview. It seems like a very cool city. I'm pretty tired. Not a lot of sleep with all the travel the last couple days but that's what it took to get here. So at around 3-4pm we are heading back down to Greensboro, NC area to spend the night at a friends. I'll be back late Sunday and then start bright and early Monday with clients. I love it.

Remember, 35+ fit camp starts February 20th at 6:45am. Make sure you bring your A game.

I'll be back posting on this blog a lot more starting next week when I get back to beautiful (and cold) Thunder Bay.

Have a GREAT weekend everybody,

Dan Grant

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