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Thursday, February 22, 2007

What a week

Since my last post on here A LOT has happened.

My beautiful girlfriend got accepted to a grad school in Winchester, VA on Monday (her interview was the Friday before)

Sunday night coming home from VA I got the worst case of food poisoning EVER!

I've had some very productive meetings on my training and business opportunities.

My fit camp started up and the group of ladies attending is AWESOME. All of them have great attitudes...well except for the group complainer Marilyn :).

A fourteen year old I'm training dropped 4 pounds of fat this week giving him his 20 pound goal. He's doing GREAT!

I'm leaving tomorrow to take it easy and enjoy an NBA game in Minneapolis (even though "taking it easy" has all I've really been doing since my friendly little virus literally KO'd me for 2 whole days.) So I guess I'm taking it easy from taking it easy.

I also have a new project in the works that I will be starting soon. Look out in the coming months for this one. It's going to be HUGE.

What'd you do this past week?

Did you reach any of your goals?

Did you eat healthier than last week?

Do you know what you're going to do next week to make it even better than this past one?

Let me know at

First 3 people to answer those questions will get a nice gift from me.

Let's ALL start DOMINATING everything we do!

Yours in fitness,

Dan Grant

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