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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Are Mom's making there kids FAT!!!!

I was flipping through some tv channels yesterday during a quick lunch break and I happened to find a little segment on CNN headline news about why the obesity rate in kids is so high. Apparently it's tripled since the 80's.

Anyways, they were blaming the working mother. They said there was a direct correlation with kids obesity and mom's starting to enter the working world. Now, I slightly took somewhat of a similar stance but it wasn't blaming the working mom.

It was more blaming parents for knowing that what they are feeding there kids isn't healthy. Going for a quick meal at KFC is easier but there aren't any benefits to doing it.

We are in a generation where we tell kids that they'll be allowed to play video games if they eat their whole meal or just shut up for a while. Parents are looking for the simplist and easist way to control their kids. I'm not saying parenting is easy and I know that with working long hours you get tired and don't want to deal with hyper kids all the time.

I'm just saying to try and make the healthiest decisions possible, for everybody. The more healthier you are, the better you'll feel. The more energy you'll have. I go over the nutrition problems most families go through in my book, True Weight Loss Revealed.

You have to choose to make the change for the long term, though, or it just won't work.

Make a decision to change your habits. We are close halfway through 2007 already. How are your New Year's Revolutions going?????

Get Strong,

Dan Grant

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