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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just a tiny little rant today!

I'm in Orillia, ON, Canada for my brother's graduation from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) school and my family came along too. My parents drove with my grandparents but I opted to fly down later with my sister. So anyways, long story short...I asked what kind of snacks they had on the way down.

They then told me with huge confidence that they were healthy snacks. I said great. But I was feeling a little hungry at the time so I asked if there was any left. There was and what they showed me was not exactly what I was picturing.

It was a mini bag of Doritos. "Why is this healthy," I asked. "It's ONLY 100 calories...AND 0 trans fat." I'll talk later about this new trans fat craze that's been tricking people into making things sound healthier than they are, but for now I just want to finish my thoughts with what I think the mindset of nutrition is in the world today.

We KNOW that chips do not have any nutritional value. They aren't good for us, plain and simple. Why is it all of a sudden healthier if it's in a super small bag. I understand that portion sizes could come into play as an argument, but why are you putting it in your body in the first place? I asked how many 100 calorie bags where eating on the way down and I was told 8 between 3 people. Over 250 calories per person of unhealthy calories.

I'm not a big calorie counting guy because what I teach with nutrition is fairly simple. Stay away from sugar, processed food, drink a ton of water, eat good protein with every meal and snack, and eat as many veggies as you can. That's really the basics behind it.

Well, I'm off to the OPP museum. I hope every one has a great weekend coming up.

Get Strong,

Dan Grant

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