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Monday, April 30, 2007

Another thing that bugs me!

I've been complaining a lot on here lately but I see way too many things that bother me to not say anything about. I forgot something on my list of things that bug me about commercial gym trainers.

I saw it today and it reminded me. Almost all of the trainers make people stretch after every exercise. This is why I don't get doing that.

When you stretch a muscle statically (holding a position for an extended period of time) the muscle relaxes. That takes the strength right out of the muscle and it's harder to lift the weight you are capable of lifting which ultimately hampers your training and results.

So that bugs me.

Talk to you soon,

Dan Grant


scorpiogrrl said...

Hi Dan, so do you reckon ppl shouldn't stretch at all during weight training sets or are you just criticising extended static stretching. I've been told a quick stretch of about 5secs is good. Thanks ! Donna

Dan Grant said...

Hi Donna,

How are you?

As far as stretching goes. I would personally just stay away from it. Was there a reason why 5 seconds of stretching would be helpful???

My biggest concern with stretching would be "deactivating" the muscle. Strecthing relaxes the muslces which is the opposite of what you want to do when you're training hard.

More muscles "activated," the stronger they are, the more you'll get out of your training, the better the results.

Does that make sense????

By the way, I think you'll LOVE the Shock 'N Burn training. The free report should be finished soon. It's not too long but it's got some pretty cool information i think.

It should be sent out next week sometime.

Have a great day and good training to you,

Dan Grant