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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Feel Your BEST!

I wrote a newsletter a while back on how to feel your best instantly. It was about being grateful for everything good you have in your life. It was the most responsive newsletter I've ever sent. So many people loved it.

Recently, however, I've finally realized a way to feel your best that might not be as instant, but is definently a truly amazing feeling.

If you've ever read my 'About Me' on my website you'll know that 4-5 years ago I got diagnosed with and anxiety and depression disorder. I had it for probably 6 years before it even got diagnosed. It SUCKED! Plain and simple. I was 15 when I first started noticing problems. Most people wouldn't listen to me. They figured I was just going through that 'phase' when teens just don't care and whatever.

Deep down I knew I had a problem but I was really scared of telling people. And when I told my family I thought something was wrong I was told to 'relax.'

Even after I conquered my depression I was worried about letting it 'out of the box.' Well recently it all made sense and a dream came true. People read my 'About Me' section and started telling me about their depression issues. Powerful stuff, it really is. Well, today, I helped someone conquer their depression. We talked, I explained my experiences, and they told me theirs. She felt AWESOME after, and obviously so did I. We will continue to talk and truthfully, I was having a bad day before this happened and I've never felt such a satisfaction in my life.

I've been helping people change their lives for awhile now but I NEVER realized how powerful it actually was until today.

If you wanna feel your best do this: the best feeling in the world is helping someone change their life for the better. It really is.

If you can help somebody out, DO IT.

That's why I got into this profession. And that's why I'll be in it for a long time.

Happy Easter Everybody,

Dan Grant

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