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Monday, February 4, 2008

Did you cheat like me?

I went to the Washington Capitals game Saturday night
versus the Atlanta Thrashers. I'll tell you what,
there's nothing like Saturday night hockey for us
Canadians. The game wasn't so hot, 2-0 for the Thrashers
but I loved every minute of it, plus I got a game
puck. Not bad, eh?

There's one thing I didn't really watch too closely
while I was there and it was my diet...I can confess
that I cheated a little bit.

I didn't cheat too much though because I didn't really
want to go bankrupt from going to a hockey the
food is pricey. I had one of those pretzels for $5.00.

So essentially it was my cheat meal for the week.

Do you have cheat meals?

Meals where you can 'treat' yourself to something that
you love and it's not really too healthy?

I typically recommend you try to at minimum eat 90%
'right' and 10% not-so-right.

So if you eat 6 meals a day and multiply that by
7 (days in the week) you get 42 meals in a week.
So that works out to about 38 'good' meals and 4
'cheat meals'.

I know 38 may sound really tough to do but it's really
all about planning. Take 1 hour to plan out your
meals for the week on Sunday. It will make everything
so much easier.

Another point I'd like to make is to NOT have cheat
days. A lot of fitness pros out there teach to have
cheat days, but that's bogus and will do a lot more
harm then good.

Plan out your cheat meals and split them up throughout
the week.

Maybe it will be popcorn at a Friday night movie. Maybe
it will be a piece of cake at a birthday party. Maybe
it will be having desert along with your romantic dinner
on Valentine's Day. Maybe you had a cheat meal last night
and had some pizza while watching the SuperBowl.

I've been getting a good about of nutrition questions
sent to my inbox this week and I hope you keep sending
them. Send them to dg (at) (replace
the (at) with @ ).

One suggestion I'd like to make if you do have a question
about your nutrition is to send a 3-day journal of what
you've eaten so it will make it faster to get a response
back to you.

Sound good?

Till next week,

Dan Grant

PS - The new blog is coming...there's been a few delays,
but it will be all worth it. What I need are some article
ideas for the site, though. Can YOU help me out? If you
can just click 'reply' and send me some of your ideas.

PPS - thanks in advance :).

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