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Thursday, November 29, 2007

America might have a FAT President in 2008

I thought you might find this interesting.

My buddy Geo Derice told me about the following
newscast about how the Presidential Candidates
are all gaining weight.

The newswoman opened by saying that what the
Candidates eat on the campaign trail say a lot
about who they are. It then goes to Rudy Giuliani
eating some pizza and saying, "I'll make up for it
with a diet coke."

Mitt Romney, however, carries a gallon bag of his
wife's homemade granola on the road with him. Then
something interesting happened (I thought it was

Romney is shown in a grocery store piling his cart
with Fruit Loops and I'm pretty sure like 6 other
boxes of sugary cereal. I don't know why, but whatever.

It then comes to my attention that for these Candidates
to be accepted by the people they have to eat garbage.
That's what the guy on the newscast said, anyways.

They try to eat healthy. I forget who but one Candidate
ordered a double cheeseburger...with a side salad.

Good effort.

Doesn't this kind of show what type of shape America
is in. These people have to 'act' like they love
junk food to be accepted or liked by the people they
hope would vote for them. I know some don't act like
they love junk food and they actually do, but there
are a couple who are pretty healthy.

Are we that unhealthy that we'd take it personally
if somebody didn't want to eat unhealthy food?

I'd like to hear any of your thoughts on this.

Am I looking to far into this being a fitness pro
or would you not vote for somebody or not like them
because they didn't eat the famous local treat, fried
chocolate bar on a stick.

let me know.

Have a great weekend,

Dan Grant

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