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Friday, June 29, 2007

FREE Groceries for a year???

What a long day it was yesterday. Woke up at 6am...Me and my girlfriend drove to
Duluth, MN (4hrs) delayed over 2 hours for our flight to Minneapolis... did
a little bit of running to try and catch my flight to Wahington...JUST
to Washington, but the bags didn' we waited another couple hours for them
to come...then we went to grab our rental car (thank god we got a navigation
system with our car :) )...and we then drove about an hour to Winchester, VA
(total trip time = 18 hours).

The good thing about having some free time in the airports though is that I get a
chance to look around at emails and what other fitness pros are doing.

So I have two to share with you.

The Precision Nutrition Team is holding a Body Transformation Challenge starting
this Monday.

You have a chance to win F_R_E_E groceries for a whole year plus a bunch of other
great prizes.

Check it out here:

If you're looking to pack on some serious muscle than this is your go to guy.

Jason Ferruggia's brand new book, Muscle Gaining Secrets, is now on-sale and has
some limited time bonuses available when you purchase it.

His stuff is so cutting edge and just flat out unbelievable information on
building massive amounts of muscle fast...with NO drugs.

Remember he has some time sensitive bonuses involved so if you're interested in
big time muscle go quick to:

Well, time for me to check out a little bit of Virginia. I hope you all have a
great weekend and I'll be talking to you soon,

Live Strong,

Dan Grant

PS - HAPPY CANADA DAY to all my Canadian subscribers...I'll still be in Virginia
but that day happens to be me and my girlfriend's(Marleen) 4th anniversary so we
are going to see the sites around here together.

PPS - Don't forget. Go here to the Transformation Challenge, and here to build some
serious muscle, .

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